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Create Voice
Website Development for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities.

Professional Website Developer For Your Business

Every business needs a website. Interacting with existing clients and potential new ones on social media is really important, but this doesn’t take the place of a well-designed and high-functioning website. My commitment to anyone who partners with me is that they will get exactly that.

Well Designed -

I work with owners during the design process to build a unique website layout that reflects the business's brand and looks great on mobile devices and PCs.

High Functioning -

Each website I build is done so using the same Microsoft .net platform I’ve been developing and refining since 2020. This helps ensure that each feature or your website is working properly since everyone I partner with utilizes and depends on the same methods and procedures every day. Bugs are still occasionally discovered, and when they are I get notified and get straight to work patching up the system and resolving the issue

All of these efforts work together to create a safe and enjoyable online environment for your clients to interact with. This is how business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit from Create Voice.

Getting Started

I am excited that you may be considering working with me to build a successful site for your business! Here's some things you can expect when we first get started on the work ahead.

The first major milestone is our introduction. This is usually a 30 to 45 minute conversation either by phone or over zoom. The goal of this meeting will be to gain an understanding of your business, goals, and ideas you have regarding how a website can help your business. It usually takes about three to six weeks to complete the design a website. During this process, please plan to meet with me online at least once a week for about 30 minutes to keep things progressing smoothly.

Once you are happy with the design and functionality of your website, the next step is to publish everything online under a domain name that you own. I will work with you to get your site hosted on a shared Windows hosting service. Once complete, your business’s website is ready for the world!


$50 per month.

Invoices will be sent to you every 30 days after your website is online. Here is a list of services you will get per month to keep your site optimized for your business and clients.

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