Create Voice Online Events

With Create Voice, you will have the opportunity to display an online events calendar on your website. An online events calendar is an excellent way to interact with your clients and share details about how they may interact more with your brand. Adding events to your calendar may also help your website rank higher in google searches. Search engine web crawlers are always monitoring your site for new content, such as an upcoming event your site’s visitors can register for.

How it works

Visitors to your site can see the events you have scheduled on an online calendar.

Create Voice Online Event Calendar

All visitors will have to do is click on an event to get more details and register. After successfully registering, your clients will receive an email with additional information.

Create Voice Online Event Registration

Tools for managing your events

By utilizing the Create Voice dashboard, you'll be able to easily update your events and send important messages to event attendees.

These tools allow you to do things like set a limit to how many people can register, and set the price charged to register for your event. You'll have tools to control how your events are displayed on your website and the details your visitors will read about them.

The event tools available on the Create Voice dashboard are powerful and easy to use. Even more tools for managing your events will be added in the future.

Getting Started

Getting your site set up with its own event calendar takes a little work on the back end, but no worries, I'll take care of all this for you. Once this step is complete, you'll be able to log in to your Create Voice dashboard and manage the events on your online calendar.