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About Me

Charles Kolstad with wife Lex

Website Developer

I’ve been fascinated by website development ever since I learned to write my first bit of html using notepad. I’m especially interested in all the ways websites can help people advertise products and services, receive online payments, and communicate with their target audience.

How I'd like to help

I’d like to help small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and people with side hustles that have aspirations to expand their business. I think we tend to put on too many hats when pursuing our dreams and look to ourselves to solve all the problems our businesses encounter. I’d love to wear the web development hat for your business so you can focus on the things you're more passionate about.

What is Create Voice?

I envision Create Voice providing online tools and services that help connect you to your target audience. Create Voice also has the potential to be a platform by which the business we serve can begin serving one another!

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