website developer Charles Kolstad with wife Alexus

Charles Kolstad with wife Lex

Website Developer

I’ve been fascinated by website development ever since I learned to write my first bit of html using notepad. I’m especially interested in all the ways websites can help people advertise products and services, receive online payments, and communicate with their target audience.

How I'd like to help

I’d like to help small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and people with side hustles that have aspirations to expand their business. I think we tend to put on too many hats when pursuing our dreams and look to ourselves to solve all the problems our businesses encounter. I’d love to wear the web development hat for your business so you can focus on the things you're more passionate about.

What is Create Voice?

I envision Create Voice providing online tools and services that help connect you to your target audience. Create Voice also has the potential to be a platform by which the business we serve can begin serving one another!

Commonly Asked Questions

- What Can I do?

I can make websites😋 That's important because websites have become one of the primary ways brands and businesses communicate with the world. The more valuable a website is, the more effectively it conveys what a biz or brand is all about and answers any questions customers may have.

A website may use a gallery or blog to express unique ideas and insights. Customers may use an events calendar or appointments form to find out about different services that are offered and when.

Besides communicating well, websites also give you a way to collect payments online safely. An online store can help you track inventory, orders, and trends. A business that is a 5013c may collect donations online, and you may even require payment before a customer signs up for an event or class.

I am able to offer each of these functions on your websites, including a secure online dashboard that lets you efficiently manage your site.

The design of your website is also very important to consider. The colors, typography, and even spacing on your website communicate something important to your customers.

I work with you on the design of your website. I'll also make sure that the design of your site looks great on smartphones, tablets, and desktops and is optimized for search engines like google and bing.

- What makes me different?

One thing that makes me different is that I'm relatively new to the freelance scene. Although I've been developing websites for over 10 years, I didn't really start taking on freelance work until 2020, just as the Covid-19 lockdowns started.

I learned during my time as a freelancer, that people sometimes don't want your service until they feel like they need it. The problem is that website development takes time. You and the developer you hire have to talk about your ideas and what you will need your site to do. You should always have the opportunity to sign off on every page your developer designs and every piece of functionality developed , to be confident your customers will enjoy your site. All of this takes time.

To reduce the time of development, I built different components that can easily be integrated with your custom-designed website. The blogging platform, online store, events schedule, and other components your site will need have already been developed!

Maybe you'll need your site to do something that can't be done with the components already created. That's great! I love new challenges, and look forward to working with you on your website.

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