Create Voice Blog Feature

For a small business, a website is like a car. A car's responsibility is to reliably take the person driving it from one location to another. Just as reliably, a website should get a small business from one level of success to the next.

If a website is a car, then the gas is the content. Content for a website is the information, media, and other materials presented to site visitors.

Blog posts are a great example of website content that educates visitors and establishes your brand as an authority on a topic.

How it works

Your clients will visit your website to read the amazing blog posts you create. These posts can be created easily using a free and popular word processor, Google Docs.

Every Create Voice website that is created will also have a Google Workspace account created with it. With this account, you may utilize Google Docs to write the content of a blog post. Once your document is created, you can use the blog tools on your secure Create Voice dashboard to convert it into a blog post on your website.

Your Create Voice dashboard also tracks the number of visitors to your posts using Google Analytics.

Blog posts are a great way to create shareable content that can direct people from social media platforms to your website. This helps to engage with more customers, generate more leads, and build greater brand awareness for your business.

Tools for managing

Google Docs

Google Docs is a familiar and free word-processing tool to draft your blog posts. The blog tools that are available in your secure Create Voice dashboard will be configured to convert any document created using the Google Workspace account setup with your website.

Google Docs for Create Voice blog feature

Create Voice Dashboard

You will have the tools needed in your Create Voice dashboard to import new documents and any updates to the existing ones. You will also have the tools to assign a main image to your blog post, preview the work completed, and control whether or not you want your post available for clients to view.

Create Voice tools for managing your blog

Getting Started

Getting your blog set up on your website takes some legwork to get configured, but we got this! I’ll do all the technical work behind the scenes and get you everything you need to begin creating great posts for your blog.